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/slō/ /rōl/



  1. An inspirational event that originated in Detroit, MI, and truly illustrates how bicycling can bring a community together.

    “I’m heading to Slow Roll tonight, with about 5,000 other people.”


While this definition is made up, it’s still fairly accurate. Kryptonite headed to a bike show in Detroit a few years back to show some product and check out this movement first hand, as it spread across the US and into Europe.


While photos and videos are great, there’s really no way to write about what participating in Slow Roll is like.  Although cliché, it’s something that you just need to experience.  Jason Hall and his crew started something that transformed from a simple bike ride, to an event that has brought an entire community together in a shared positive experience. Do yourself a favor and check out to see a list of cities where Slow Rolls are happening, and do your best to make it out for one. Also, if you see someone with a “Squad” shirt in a pub after the ride, be sure to buy them a beer because they’re out there working hard to make this event happen!