Post 6

Post 6

Dear Bike Thieves,

It is with our most sincere apologies that we announce The New U, the U-Lock redesign from Kryptonite. As you are well aware, we have worked hard to stay ahead of you, slowing you down, pissing you off, and causing you mental and physical anguish. Now with the expanded double-deadbolt security, anti-rotation capability, and a fresh new design, we understand that the difficulties of the profession have become too much to handle.


Sorry, not sorry,  



The New-U

Constantly improving.  This next generation of U-Locks features a patent-pending double deadbolt design in the Evolution and Kryptolok series locks and new Bent Foot Double-Deadbolt design in our Messenger Series, and Mini Lite.  Some other refresh items include new sliding dust covers, updated modern design, and rubber rotating dust covers on our Messenger Series, and Mini Lite.


Some things haven't changed...


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Key Registration
  • Key Safe Program - 2 Free Keys if you lose yours
  • Anti-Theft Protection Offer (well, it's changed a little, we did improve it.)